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Few things are as important to your horse as getting the right start in life.

Here at Byalee, we need each competition horses to begin as a straightforward, confident youngster that responds to the aids and moves off the leg, moves forward easily when asked and doesn't spook.

We recommend breaker Adam Wrobel, who specialises in Equine Breaking and Training, to all of our clients.

Adam has broken in more than 60 horses for us now and has also been invaluable in 'desensitising' a few more! We have sent him at least 20 more client horses and everyone refers to him as being invaluable. Even dressage princesses can feel safe on a breaker when it comes home from Adam under saddle.

Whilst with him, each horse progresses to playing around with a polocrosse ball and racquet (Adam's competitive discipline) and legyields. Adam works with the horses on the ground and under saddle, in paddocks, under lights, next to roads, up hills, whatever is needed for each horse. It doesn't seem to matter whether the horse is hot or sensitive, lazy or dull. Pony or horse, they all come back so very rideable.

We can't sing Adam's praises highly enough. If you want a straightforward ride that you can ride without concern, this is the breaker for you.

As a bonus, he and his wife Lisa are lovely people with great communication skills.

You can contact Adam on 0418 654 858 or by emailing alwrobel@bigpond.com.


We recommend Imperial Floats and travel our competition hoorses in a beautiful three-horse angle float. It's all the little things that count ... an amazing tackbox that swings out, rug racks over the horses rumps, options for cupboards inside and out, The float travels so well that you don't know it's there, even when there are three 17hh warmbloods on board! Check them out on www.imperialfloats.com.au or
call 1300 886 977.


Byalee is sponsored by WOW Saddles with the wonderful advice of Julia McLean of Kiah Equine to help every step of the way.

Riding in a WOW saddle has been something of a revelation, and after time out of the saddle for leisure or through injury, it is like coming home to climb aboard again.

No other saddle gives quite the same ride - a feeling of comfort and safety. We have at least five of them!

It is like riding on a hovercraft with each saddle featuring four fully adjustable air panels, a fully adjustable gullet that can grow up or down as the horse changes shape, a choice of seats and a choice of leg panels. Truly, you can simply put it together to suit your size and shape and preference.

Julia would love to come and see you and fit you for a WOW - you can buy a jumping version, or a pony version, or a hybrid. Endless choice!

Look up the WOW saddles at: http://www.wowsaddles.com


Byalee Stables is thrilled to be sponsored by Performa Ride, who make the best riding tights in the world! Use their winter weight for those ultra-cold days, compression tights for the looking-fabulous days, and the light-weight summer tights for those 40-degree days!
Use BYALEESTABLES in the coupon box at checkout to receive a 10% discount!


Sick of arguing with your computer? Rather be out riding than trying to unravel the mysteries of uploading software? Byalee uses and recommends CIA – Computer Intelligence Agency – and now we have help just a phonecall away.

For just $25 a month, you too can have computer peace of mind. You pay it automatically, and you come inside to your home computer knowing you aren’t alone when those inconvenient glitches pop up. We have better things to do than threaten to throw things at the computer monitor – we have horses to ride!!

For more information contact Peter on 040 393 5556 or pete@computerintelligence.com.au.

We use and recommend Dr Suhas Ranadive of Unique Vets/Maitland Large Animal Vet Services: phone 0421 779 077.

We use and recommend chiropractor Tony Jones 0428 164 220.

We use and recommend IRT insurance - ask for Cheryl Dods on 0411703 703.
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