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Welcome to Byalee Stables ...

Byalee welcomes volunteers.
Ever wanted to hang out wtih horses but couldn't afford one of your own?
Maybe your son or daughter is desperate to have a horse but you aren't confident to let them?
Have a different 'keep fit' regime instead of going to the gym?

Why not become a Byalee volunteer?

If you can spare 10hrs a week or more and are prepared to help our small, hard-working team we would like to hear from YOU.
We won't tell you the job is easy.
We won't tell you that it isn't physical hard work.
We can tell you you will learn a lot.
You might even have some fun!
From feed runs to mucking out, paddock clearing, strapping & lunging horses, you will be taught to do it all. Boots and bandages, saddles and bridles, in all their variations.
On top of the equestrian opportunities, you will be making new friends and, of course, learning new skills.What you need:
For insurance reasons, please note that you must be 21 years or older to volunteer.
You will need transport to the stables.
You will need to have a reasonable level of fitness or the desire to improve your fitness!!! Drop a dress size in the most fun way possible!
You will need sturdy, comfortable shoes, sensible clothing, hat and sunnies - we provide the 50+ sunscreen.
You will be working outdoors and this means working in different weather conditions.

Unfortunately we are unable to contra lessons or rides for your volunteering due to Worksafe advice.

Taking the next step
The first step is to email Ann-Maree at am@byalee.net and we can take it from there!

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