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We can train your horse ...

Many of our clients entrust us with their horses straight from our breaker to put some more miles on and consolidate their education before taking them on themselves. Evolution takes time, but ensuring a correct basic education for your horse is the best gift you can give it. Below are a selection of horses from babyhood onwards ...

Byalee Breathless

Byalee Breathless and Ann-Maree Lourey, first day home from breaker Adam Wrobel, March 2011

Byalee Breathless and Ann-Maree Lourey competing preliminary, July 2012

Byalee Breathless and Dimity Lourey just prior to sale for $72,000, October 2015

Byalee Blonde with Ann-Maree Lourey, just home from breaker Adam Wrobel in June 2017

Byalee Blonde with owner Kevin Rowe, almost a year later

Byalee Bronze and Dimity Lourey, in 2013, a couple of months after being broken in by Adam Wrobel

Byalee Bronze and owner Amber Windle in 2016, well into a successful all-rounder career

Byalee Blitz with Ann-Maree Lourey just home from breaker Adam Wrobel, March 2016

Byalee Blitz at his first competition with Dimity Lourey, six months later, before leaving for his new home in Qld

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