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So much more than a coach

Ann-Maree is my riding instructor but she is more than that. She is life coach, she is motivator, psychologist, and the person who gives me a kick in the pants when I need it. But she also is kind and soft (that's how we talk about horses!) when I need that too. So our Saturday mornings at Byalee have become my sanity. Ann-Maree has gathered around her a fabulous collection of men and women at all stages of riding. But we have gathered there because we have been made to feel at home, feel valued and that it is never too late to "achieve the dream!" This is the Byalee's mantra...something I need to remember more often!


I have had lessons at a few centres in different states and I have never felt safer than I have at Byalee. Ann-Maree is a fantastic instructor who has me riding better than ever and tackling my first competitions this year. The horses at Byalee are just amazing. Whatever my issue has been there has been a horse that was suitable to help me learn what I needed to learn, quickly, efficiently and safely. I recommend Byalee to everyone considering having a riding lesson, regardless of their goals. The environment at the stables is just so fantastic, everyone is friendly, helpful and willing to work together. - Melody

Highly recommend

Byalee Stables comes highly recommended from a former nervous and unconfident student who under the guidance of the wonderful coaches has grown strength to strength confidence wise.. Byalee has the most professional and experienced coaches that always take the time to show and explain every step clearly whilst maintaining an extremely down to earth and understanding ethic for beginners through to experienced students.. No question or issue is too small or large for Annemaree or Dimity to help you through.. The only regret you'd ever have with Byalee is never giving them a go, the community and happiness of the stables is a true testament to the coaches hard work.. They are truly amazing. - Claudia

Catering for all levels

Fantastic coaches! Ann-Maree and Dimity are able to coach riders of all abilities. It doesn't not matter if you are a nervous beginner or an aspiring Grand Prix rider, they can set up a riding program which helps you in 'Achieving the Dream'. - Amber

Byalee is the best

We can not thank Ann-Maree and Dimity of Byalee enough for what they have done for our son. He only dreamt of competing in dressage and now, thanks to the absolutely amazing coaching, guidance and constant support he competes in open competition, placing at all events he rides in. Goals are set and acheivements are celebrated, and don't dare say "I can't" as its not a phrase used at Byalee! The school horses are all gorgeous and fussed over by coaches, grooms and pupils alike, and putting a rider with the right horse is only one of Ann-Maree's specialties. Safety is of upmost importance and the covered arena allows for riding rain, hail or shine. Ann-Maree and Dimity really care about their pupils and absolutely ensure you will achieve your dream! - Sharon

Honest, safe and exceeding expectations

I was returning to riding as an almost 50year old after having a 25year break after a nasty fall. I had tried a few coaches but not 'clicked' with either the coach or school horses. I was given a Byalee package of 6 lessons for my birthday so I had nothing to loose. I still had my passion for horses and riding but had lost all my confidence and balance. I asked just to go on the lunge for the first lesson to 'get my seat back'. I was met by coach Ann-Marie and a beautiful black Warmblood mare named Molly. Ann-Marie (AM) put me in the saddle and cleverly assessed my riding whilst we just casually walked and chatted on the lunge. AM quickly got to my core beliefs, fears and goals without me even realizing. By the end of the first hour lesson I had let go of my greatest held fear (falling off in the canter) My belief, trust and confidence in AM's ability to control the horse and my fear was rewarded as I happily cantered around in my very first lesson just as I had as a child. Who would have thought a 25 year old paralysing fear could have been overcome in just 30 minutes! I thought it would take 6 months to a year to achieve what we did in the first lesson and now 6 months down the track my goals have been reset higher and achieved so many times. I have now purchased my dream horse from Byalee Stables and couldn't be happier. As my review title says if you want an honest assement, if you want to ride in a safe fun environment and you want to not only reach your goals but exceed them then you can't get better than Byalee. The Byalee website says 'Achieving the dream' what you don't realize is they are not talking about themselves they are talking about their clients ❤ - Kathie

A great place to learn and for horse training

Byalee Stables is a great place to learn how to ride, having one on one lessons has definitely helped me with my riding :-) the teachers are really great and the horses are really nice :-) They are also a great place to send your horse to be trained :-) They have been helping me with training my filly and it has done her a world of good, their training has helped her with her behaviour and her education :-) I would highly recommend Byalee Stables :-) :-) - Melissa

Byalee ... achieving the dream

After almost 40 years of not being on a horse I booked for a lesson - that was almost 2 years ago I moved from 1 lesson to 3 a week and then with the assistance of Ann-maree bought my own horse - lessons, instruction and coaching fom Ann-Maree Lourey has been life changing. The support from Ann-Maree and Dimity Lourey makes the experience of being part of Byalee like being part of my 'tribe'. It has been the best decision. The experience and knowledge they have is generously shared and their support is amazing. The way the lessons are delivered is clear and also honest. The atmosphere is fantastic. I can recommend Byalee Stables highly as a returning mature age rider. You are always welcome to stay and watch other lessons and as an agistee I am out there regularly and am often given an impromptu 'masterclass' if I am watching horses being worked. It is a wonderful environment. - Sandra


I came here with my mum who is disabled and at the time I had my arm in a cast. They put my mum on Molly and she was very scared but wow, did they do a great job with her. Then I got to ride! I had just had a big fall not long before this and hadn't been on a horse since, but I got on and did some pretty amazing things. I had so much confidence when I got on Molly and without having use of my arm I couldn't believe how well balanced I was! It was fantastic I would give anything to go back, if only I lived in NSW!! BRILLIANT!

Wish I had come sooner

After having such a terrible time at the other riding school, I can't tell you how great it is to see my daughter having fun and enjoying riding again. Although, I never doubted for a second that Byalee would be the perfect fit for her. I just wish I'd come to them in the first place!

Just so grateful
I am another older rider returning to the saddle who is very grateful for the help received from Byalee. I was having a lot of problems with transitions, jarring my back constantly and disillusioned to the point of giving up. AM quickly identified the problem which was then relatively easily resolved. Just so grateful! - Anne-Maree

I would buy from Byalee again

I purchased Byalee Sweet about 10 months ago. I had ridden my warmblood mare for many years and I had to face her retirement due to soundness issues and at my age (I am only 5'2) I decided the big, bouncy warmbloods were not really an option anymore. I spent the cost of a horse on vet checks for horses that weren't sound for light to moderate work. I contacted Ann-Maree who had a Percheron X TB in training. Long story short, I bought him sight unseen (though they sent me enough video to have a short film festival LOL) He was EXACTLY as described to me, quirks and all. To this day he has never even shied at anything, I live alone most of the time, so temperament was the most important criteria, but he is cute as well!. Seriously, I would buy from Byalee again and for the record I am an experienced but very ordinary rider, so it was not my ability rather their preparation. - Lorelei

Working miracles

Byalee really does help people achieve the dream! If you are going to give your passion of horses another go, do not hesitate to call and make an appointment and take that first step. It is possible to return to the saddle and regain your confidence if you have the right people to coach you. Ann- Maree works miracles x - Bianca


Amazing coaches, so good with our boy, and they have brought out skills and positive behaviour that we have only seen since beginning riding here. Incredible school horses that are so careful and intuitive. Thank you guys. - Catriona

Beautiful place, beautiful people

My daughter just started today and she absolutely loves it.Dimity is a  great teacher and my daughter can’t wait for her next lesson. Beautiful  place beautiful people. - Katrina

Wonderful place

Very wonderful place! Very comfortable and pleasant place to learn to  ride. Recommend this facility over any others. Ann-Maree is an amazing person  that made the lesson very informative but also relaxing and fun! xx - Skye

Your work is priceless

The  Byalee team is once again to be congratulated by encouraging so many to  our wonderful sport. Dimity and Ann-Maree encourage, help, train so  many but it is their work with the Special Olympics and Para riders that  brings smiles to everyone. The competition was a huge success due to  the coordination of a team of volunteers. Congratulations and well done.  Your work is priceless. - Maxine

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