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27yo 15hh bay saddlebred mare

Rosie has been with us for some five years and like many of the others, she is here until death do us part on a permanent lease, doing what she does best. And what does Rosie do best? She fills the role of being a tried and true school horse and confidence builder for our taller child pupils as well as our smaller adults, children transitioning from pony to horse, and for some of our intellectually disabled students who require a non-reactive steed!

Rosie had a foal many years ago, and came back into work post-foal as if she had never had a day off, resuming her life as a saddle horse, just as she as doing when we first met her 10 years ago and she came to Byalee for lessons with her owner.
Rosie is the next step up in size from Dusty and Sparkles and Prince, and is happy to jump and travel on the bit and introduce her little pupils to dressage work like leg-yielding. She is also rock soild out in the bush on the trials and will never trot accidentally from work, nor canter accidentally from trot. Rosie also features the most amazing canter ever, almost slower than her trot and THE biggest non-event ever for those who might be just a little anxious about that pace since it has no moment of suspension at all.

Rpsie was a big favourite with the Hunter Valley Grammar School pupils when they came for school sport and is a big part of our work with the intellectually disabled. Her students have improved out of sight! She is currently ridden by students as young a six and as old as sixty.
She is worth her weight in gold!

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