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RIP Molly

Became a ghost horse on March 23, 2018

It was the the end of an era at Byalee Stables with the sudden death of our much-loved school horse Miss Molly ... we were not to  know that her lesson two days ago was her last, that her work with  special needs students on Sunday was at an end, that her happy face at  feed-up this morning would be mssing tomorrow.

Molly reached the  grand age of 27 and was by the imported stallion APH Koernisburg (Libby  Sauer) out of TB mare and had two foals before arriving at Byalee to be  part of the harem of RIchmeed Medallion (imp) back in 2006. After  refusing to stay in foal, we discovered that she was the quietest horse  on the property and she slotted immediately into lessons for both  children and adults as number one school horse.

Molly was  especially invaluable at helping so, so many adults to regain their confidence after time out of riding or after falls that shattered their  joy - she gave it back, allowing them to move onto to other horses and  adventures. Hundreds of those riders have gone on to compete again, to  trail ride again, to enjoy their passion again.
Molly has taken  students back to competing - Byalee Krystelle sounded so flash, hey  Molly?!

She has carried Special Olympics riders safely through their  debut State Championships, shared sack races, apple bobbing and obstacle courses as well as resigned herself to being bridled and saddled by  beginners in extremely innovative ways ... she has had people dismount  and fall under her while she stood stock still, been accidentally kicked  and bumped and fallen off as beginners and the not-so-graceful got  stuck mounting and dismounting, even allowed both adults and children to  vault on her wide old back. She has been fainted off and vomited from! There is nothing she didn't endure in her amazing role. She taught special needs students to lead  and groom and hose safely.

When it became obvious that Molly  could not be saved this afternoon, she died surrounded by those who had  ridden her and loved her, and the last she heard was the sound of  afternoon lessons floating from the indoor.

To say she will be missed would be the most incredible understatement possible ... there will never be another Miss Molly.

RIP Miss Dimity

Became a spirit horse on November 6, 2017

A  tremendous thunderstorm this afternoon was a fitting requiem for our  beloved Miss D, put to sleep today after complications from an ongoing  Cushings condition.  Despite being on daily medication to control the  condition, and living to the grand old age of 32 against the odds, she  suffered a heart attack last night from which she was unable to recover.

 Miss D – her name was Dimity but we couldn’t have two of them, one is  enough! –  proved herself on and off the lunge with children as small as  2yo, allowing them to pilot her independently around the arena.

 She has helped to teach hundreds of small children to learn to ride and  still had a turn of speed in the barrels at school holiday camps,  occasionally unexpectedly cantering home but always in a straight line  to keep her little riders safe.

As her work on the arena scaled  back she was also an invaluable foal-sitter and helped to keep many  weanling colts in line as she chaperoned them one at a time into life  without their dams. We will never forget the sight of Miss D’s evil  glare subduing even the biggest, boldest colt into stepping awaaaay from  the feedbin …

We were so lucky to have had the care of Miss D  in her twilight years, and blessed to have had her to share in our  equestrian endeavours.

RIP Miss D … you were one in a million and your petite little teddybear self will be sadly missed.
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