Molly - Byalee Stables

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27yo warmblood/TB cross balck/brown mare

Molly is our most stalwart of school horses.

She has given back confidence to so many riders that it is difficult to count them all.

Molly is the perfect lunge horse, falling back into walk when a rider loses balance, non-reactive to screaming, lurching or wriggling of any kind! If you lose your balance, she stops. She cannot be frightened by frightened riders. She is immune to hyperventilating, throwing-up-with-fear riders. She has fainted off, had people slide under her off the mounting block - she is truly an amazing lunge horse. 

Molly is able to cope with the most clumsy of mounting riders or paranoid dismounting riders.

She is one in a million.

Molly has been at Byalee for some nineyears and has proved her worth over and over again.
Pupils who are sure they won't trot will laugh and trot at the same time, they will trot without stirrups, learn to canter, and progress off the lunge. 

Molly this year attended the Special Olympics State Championships - her first time off the property in 8 years, and behaved perfectly for her beginner rider, helping him to achieve medal-winning status. 

Miss Molly loves carrots and licorice and lunge pupils who like to talk more than trot.

She is all things to all people and truly it was a wonderful day when she failed as a broodmare and returned to her true niche in life.

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