Miss D - Byalee Stables

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Miss D
Brown rding pony  mare
31yo and 12hh

Miss D's real name is Dimity but we call her Miss D for obvious reasons - like that fact that Dimity Lourey is usually on the arena with her !
Miss D has been an instant hit at Byalee and proven herself in lessons on and off and lunge and in our busy camp day arena work. She does appear 100% reliable, almost immune to small children running into her legs, and 'helping' to saddle her up. She is completely voice controlled on the lunge and has the sweetest nature you could hope to have. We hope to keep her busy for many years to come as she gives confidence to hundreds more children. Miss D unfortunately has Cushings disease, which is controlled by daily medication. It does mean that she looks like a cuddly teddybear almost all year round!

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