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Byalee Jax
16.1hh bay stockhorse gelding

Jax is a kindhearted soul who comes from the SAHA horse rescue sanctuary in Qld and is the perfect example of a rescue horse going on to do great things.
Jax was the learning vehicle for his owner, who mastered sitting and rising trot, steering and cantering on board his tolerant back. Jax carried him through his first competitions and won ribbons at every outing!
Jax is happy to work on the bit even for those who don't have incredibly sophisticated aids as yet, and is quite forgiving. He operates on the lunge and solo, and loves his treats at the end of each lesson.
The way Jax looks after his riders makes us think that he has been a school horse before, and his performances at school holiday camps with the kids show that he has definitely done sporting before but will only travel at the speed requested by the rider.
You have to try really hard to fall off Jax - he certainly won't do anything to make that happen - but if you do, rest assured that he will have stopped before you touch the ground. And yes, he will look at you just like the memes on FB ... what are you doing down there?!
Jax is just lovely and we look forward to teaching on him for years to come!
(Jax is pictured here with riders ranging in age from 12 years up, and at varying levels of experience)

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