Byalee Stables

Byalee Stables
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Congratulations ... you have taken your first step towards achieving your dream

'Ann-Maree is my riding instructor but she is more than that. She is life coach, she is motivator, psychologist, and the person who gives me a kick in the pants when I need it. But she also is kind and soft (that's how we talk about horses!) when I need that too. So my mornings at Byalee have become my sanity. Ann-Maree has gathered around her a fabulous collection of men and women at all stages of riding. But we have gathered there because we have been made to feel at home, feel valued and that it is never too late to "achieve the dream!" This is the Byalee's mantra...something I need to remember more often!'

'Lessons, instruction and coaching fom Ann-Maree Lourey have been  life changing.'

'Ann-Maree works miracles!'

'I can't" is not a phrase used at Byalee!'

'Ann-Maree and Dimity are  truly amazing.'

'Thank you so very much for aiding and abetting in my achieving my dream.
Your time and your knowledge are giving me so very much more than I can say.'

Last Edited: 13/09/2019
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