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Coaching for success

Your Coach - Ann-Maree Lourey

All the way to Grand Prix, all the way from Australia to the UK.

Ann-Maree has been an accredited NCAS coach with the EFA for more than  20 years and is now a specialist Level 2 dressage coach (Level 3 candidate coach) with Grand Prix and FEI level pupils.

She teaches at all levels from four-year-olds learning to trot to national level RDA riders. Ann-Maree trained the Victorian and National RDA champion Barastoc – who went to Rob Oakley – to FEI level. Rob was chosen for the Paralympics. Go Rob! So glad we could help you on your way!

Ann-Maree is VETAB qualified in sports psychology and has a diploma in sports psychology and believes the psychology of competition is almost as important as the skills required to win! She is now continuing to help her pupils by adding a degree in psychology and hopes to complete a masters in sports psychology.

Whether you are aiming to move from preliminary to novice, or hit the big competitions, Ann-Maree can structure a training program of lessons and home exercises to help you achieve your goal. And if you just want to learn to be safe enough to go for a trail ride, she can help you out with that too.

It helps that she is sports psychology accredited and specialises in nervous pupils – if you can't let go of the monkey grip, it isn't a problem, you will still leave your lesson feeling that you have achieved!

And don'f forget, if you live far far away you can organise for Ann-Maree to come and teach a clinic at your place - just email to tee it up!

Distance Learning

If you are unable to make it to lessons due to distance or time, Byalee offers long-distance lessons.

It's one step closer to achieving your dream, even if that dream seems logistically a long time coming.

Simply have someone video you and send it on dvd or video to:

Byalee Stables
PO Box 218
Cessnock NSW 2325

along with a cheque for $88.

Ann-Maree Lourey will watch the video and give you - via email - a constructive critique on where you are at, what you could work on, and which exercises might be best to help you towards long-term improvement.

You can do this as a once-off, or you can have regular long-distance lessons once a month or so to check your progess. All you need is someone to video you with a steady hand and a zoom lens that's close enough to show what the horse and rider are doing!

It goes without saying that lessons by correspondence aren't as good as the real thing - but it's a lot more individually focused than looking up your problems in a book.

This time, it's all about you.

Success Stories

Ann-Maree's pupils have included her daughter Dimity, FEI Junior National Champion 2007 and Reserve Open FEI National Champion 2007. She also took Courtney Larard to 2005 National Medium YR Champion.

Dimity Lourey, under Ann-Maree's guidance, was a member of the Australian National YR Talent Squad, one of 10 riders from Australia to be chosen for the team of 21yo and under, and the youngest of them all at just 14.

Dimity was many times a member of the NSW State Young Rider dressage team, and State YR Dressage Squad. She won a realm of State and National titles to her credit on the Arabian warmblood horse Hollybrook Boston.

Dimity, coached by Ann-Maree, competed at Grand Prix level with Hollybrook Boston (now deceased), placing 3rd in the national Grand Prix class at Dressage Festival of Victoria 2007 and winning the national GP at Qld CDI. Dimity also campaigned the FEI horse Byalee Gold, member of the silver medal-winning team at the Australian Youth Olympics.

To date one of Byalee's best success stories isn't the 10yo who rode to a national Prix St Georges win – though that is indeed an achievement – nor is it the many pupils who have made it to State or National championships - it is coaxing the pupil who had owned a horse without cantering for seven years to survive through a medium level test and score 55%. It is bringing a nervous rider to the point where they are happy to ride their horse up the drive again after back pain has made them paranoid about falling.

If you want competition success, we can help. If you want to feel happy moving from trot to canter, we can help that too. No matter what your level of expertise, no matter what your level of confidence, Byalee can help you to take one step closer to ... achieving your dream.

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