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Buying at Byalee


Here at Byalee, we are all about helping you to achieve the dream and we try very hard to matchmake when we sell a horse.

We sell horses under saddle, be they competition horses or young horses, and everything from warmbloods to thoroughbeds to breeds like part-Percheron or part-Clydesdale. We sell broodmares in foal. We sell foals in utero and arrange payment plans that you can afford! We sell foals and we sell ponies.

If it isn't on the FOR SALE pages, email us anyway, as there might be exactly what you want in the pipeline and coming soon. Many of our horses are sold prior to advertising.

If we don't think it will suit you, we tell you - there's no point driving or flying long distances based on an inadequate description of the horse.  No one can predict whether you and a horse will click, but we CAN ensure that the horse you see when you arrive is the horse you expected to be looking at.

We have been selling horses since 1989 - that's a quarter of a century. Our reputation is extremely valuable to us and we know that word of mouth is worth a thousand advertisements. You can't stay in business in the horse world for 25 years without doing something right! We've sold literally hundreds and hundreds of horses.

When trialling, you can opt to simply ride, you can book in for a lesson with Ann-Maree or Dimity on the horse/s you are interested in, and you can stay overnight at the motel at thefoot of the driveway and have a couple of lessons. You can catch the horse and tack it up yourself on day two, pretend it is yours, see if you will be happy with it when you are at home. We cannot, however, allow horses off the property for trials. 



So writes Jackie Green, who drove up from Sydney to trial a quarterhorse galloway last year with lots of hope and a very low confidence level that saw her begin on the lunge for security. The horse that she came to see was, in the flesh, just as described over the phone.

''That is exactly what has happened to me with the purchase of Byalee Toystory aka Toby. In the 3 months I have owned him, I am a completely different rider. My confidence has improved so much that I took Toby on our 1st outing to meet friends and have a ride at Galston Equestrian Centre. I have started planning for my 1st dressage comp which will be in March."
- Jackie Green

Jackie has since been competing with huge success, canters in open space and has never looked back!

We sell competition horses that, when needed, create confident, happy riders, like the one who bought the lovely chestnut TB Byalee Bravado in 2013:

''Just thought I'd share the attached Dressage Test result with you - 75.63%. I'm so proud of Bravo and of this test!!!!  We got a WOW from the judge. I had a little tear!!! We have been placing over the last few months at Bega and Moruya but last weekend we got our first 9s (and with a Sydney Judge) in Novice 2C. Bravo has been quite busy since moving to Bega, going out on trail rides, attending adult riding club and going to dressage.  He also has his own face book page. Tony and I love Bravo and Bravo loves Tony as he supplies the liquorice.''
- Sue Hergenhan

Even as the Byalee horses move on from one home to another:

''Byalee Cuddles is ridden by my 12-year-old daughter, we bought him 12 months ago for her 11th birthday.  Cuddles has done Pony and Riding club as well as other horse shows around SA by the preious owner.  We will be doing show jumping and riding club and other horse shows around SA this year as over the 12 month period we have had him he has become a 'shadow' to our daughter.  She takes him over 80cm jumps around our property and I only have had good experiences with him.  He has never put a foot wrong. If you have a website  you can definitely quote me. "
- Amanda Fuchs

And even years later, on horses sold on commission for clients:

''I am not sure if you remember me, but I bought a pony through you - Koora-lyn Nightlife - 4 years ago. Just to let you know that last weekend Erin and Sami (Nightlife) won Champions 13 & under 15s at Zone 26 Jamboree 2011.  Another fantastic acheivement for these two. This was the icing on the cake for 2011 as they had also won Champion at Zone Showjumping, Champion Rider and Res Champion Small Galloway at Hacking. They won Champions at the Dery Day and also won the 6 Bar, finishing with an 'A' grade jump to win it. He is a super boy, one of those one in a million ponies, who can do everything and with personality to burn. We have been approached by alot of people who want to buy him, but I keep telling them to join the line and that they have two chances - buckleys and none!!! He will never be sold.The biggest problem we face now is trying to replace him. Thought you would like to know!''
- Amanda Bray

And from overseas - well, Flinders Island in Bass Strait!

''A very belated note to let you know how happy we are with Lacie (aka Knickers).  She has settled in really well and has proved an understanding if at times justifiably strict schoolmistress.   Malcolm is totally enthused about riding and is very happy to be able to enjoy and understand what I have been raving about for all these years . PS love my WOW jumping saddle!''
- Heather Cambridge

''I have known Ann - Maree of Byalee Stud for many years. I personally have been breeding and selling horses for over 30 years, and know of her exceptional reputation as a horse person. This has come through mutual clients who have commented about her to me. Over the last year I have had personal business dealings with Ann Maree, and even purchased a horse from her for my own use. Her honesty and integrity is exceptional, along with her after sales service. I have also recommended her to other clients who are looking to buy a horse."
- Cathy Cattell

Yvette bought Byalee Truth sight unseen based on photos and information.

''Well it's day three with Jackson and all is good. Had two rides so far and they were great! My instructor was here on Saturday and she is really happy with him too, she says he has lovely rhythm and movement.

Thanks again, will keep in touch.''

Yvette :)

And Byalee Trinket also went off sight unseen based on photos and information.

''Just thought you would like to know that Trinket arrived safely around noon today.  The driver said that she travelled well and Britt thinks she’s adorable! Britt gave her a wash and brush and as soon as she got into her paddock, she was head down and relaxed! We’ll keep you updated, but she’s a perfect size and seems to have a lovely nature so we’re very happy. Thanks so much for making it such an easy purchase and we can certainly guarantee a much loved and cared for home."
- Caro  Salthouse

All of the Byalee horses are wormed every two months and trimmed regularly by farrier Shannon Norley.

Each Byalee horse is sold subject to the terms and conditions of sale.

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