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13.3hh pinto pony mare

Baby was Byalee's most-loved, most experienced equestrian instructor all on her own.

Baby came to Byalee after she retired from active competition with her owner, Katrina Dunn-Smith, and remained here enjoying her treats from hundreds of children until the week before she was put down due to breathing difficulties. 

Baby was a wonderful old lady who once jumped a metre and had all the 'pony' characteristics that made her owner ride well, but in her retirement wass a lovely babysitter for our tiniest pupils.

Once she was an elementary pony who loved to jump - and later she delighted in educating.

To Baby we entrusted our 4yo pupils, and even allowed them to trot solo when they were able. She took the whole world in her stride, always.

Baby was with Byalee for more than 8 years, and would have hated to be simply retired from her part-time teaching role, as she would have missed out on all the love and attention and treats!

She approved of treats of all kinds, carrots, apples, licorice, but had an espeicial liking for pears that were just a little past their use-by date, and for all kinds of breakfast cereal that came in little boxes ...

Baby will be difficult to replace and always remembered ...

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