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Reach for the stars

Ann-Maree Lourey and Heath Ryan are the directors of Australia's longest-running, most successful performance horse company, Auction of the Stars. Ann-Maree has been working with the company for the past 15 years, joining it not long after its inception

We present offspring of both Byalee Briar (imp) and Byalee Wow Wie rw through Auction of the Stars. Auctions are usually quaterly, with offerings from stables around Australia and New Zealand.

Our next auction is on July 28/29, offering an amazing selection of more than 35 horses including two GRAND PRIX HORSES and an imported stallion with the most incredible bloodlines ever see in Australia.
You can view the forthcoming auction catalogue directly on the Auction of the Stars web site; but feel free to email or call Ann-Maree with any further inquiries.
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