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All you need to know about lessons


Lessons ...

Lessons at Byalee are run each day except Thursdays and Sundays.

We have quite a collection of horses available here at Byalee that are used for tutoring students and working pupils.

These school horses are especially chosen for their skills and temperament, and the way in which they are able to adjust for riders of different skill levels. They are particularly important to those new to horse riding or dressage.

You can take a closer look at our selection of gorgeous school horses at Byalee by clicking on each name to see information and photos of them in action.

Lessons are priced at $80/hour or $50/half hour. There is no extra cost for the use of a school horse, and there is no extra cost for lessons for special needs students. We do not give group lessons, or even lessons to two people at the same time as we believe you deserve our undivided attention and will flourish with one-on-one coaching. Should you have a limited budget, you will achieve more in fewer private lessons than you would in a larger number of group lessons!

Lessons must be booked in advance and there is sometimes a waiting list for after-school lessons for children and on Saturdays. If student do need to go onto a waiting list, they are usually there for less than a month before slotting into a regular timeslot as circumstances change for other students.

The Rules ...

Please note that lessons cancelled within the 24 hours prior, for whatever reason, must be paid for in full. As with all businesses, our time is valuable. Please help us out by paying without being reminded! Notice is much appreciated as it is unfair on the school horses to bring them up and be tacked up for no reason.

Please remember when you come that enclosed shoes must be worn by ALL visitors to Byalee Stables - this includes siblings, relatives, friends etc. Those without enclosed shoes will need to watch from the car to satisfy our insurance requirements.

Don't forget to bring a treat for the school horse you are riding - they appreciate muesli bars of all types and brands (but especially rice bubble bars if you are feeling genrous) as well as licorice, carrots and apples. Yes, they do eat the expensive treats for sale at the saddleries, but you are not obliged to bring those ones! And yes, the licorice we feed the horses is the same kind you eat yourself. You don't need to buy special horse licorice!

Please note that Byalee Stables is a NO SMOKING property ... this includes the whole property, so please cause embarrassment by trying to hide behind the barn! We have a supersonic sense of smell!

Please note that Byalee Stables has a NO DOGS policy ... this includes bringing dogs and leaving them in your car. We have our own dogs, we don't need anymore, and we have a responsibility to our other visitors to create a safe environment.

Do remember that Byalee is a working stable, and that only the horses provided are used for visitors. Unfortunately we are unable to allow visitors to wander around the paddocks and we do ask that you observe the signage and refrain from patting horses through the bars of the stables. We have to insist that no running is allowed and any children must be under control and not affecting safety on and around horses in the opinion of the coaches; otherwise they must watch from your car. The safety of our clients is our priority. Throwing balls for the dogs is permitted providing this is done on the grass away from the arena. The dogs have proven to date to be child-safe provided they are treated kindly.

Smooth-soled, heeled boots must be worn when riding and when handling horses. Approved riding helmets must be worn when riding – those under 18 must also wear approved riding helmets when handling horses. If your helmet is older than December 31, 2017, it no longer meets new improved Australian standards.

Our social media policy requires that photos are only taken of lessons and school horses with prior permission. Thank you for your understanding.

Payment is via cash only. Please come prepared with the correct money!

Thank you and we welcome you to fun and learning at Byalee Stables!

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