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Agistment at Byalee Stables


* full size and foal size crush
* access to bushland trails and the Werakata National Forest from the back gate
* shared tackroom for agistees only inside the barn
* flood lights for night riding
We enjoy an outstanding professional relationship with Dr Suhas Ranadive of Unique Vets and he is just a phonecall away. During the months from September to March he attends Byalee three times a week for stud work and can be accessed for general work as a matter of course.
We use the services of master farrier Shannon Norley on a weekly basis and your horse will be given the very best of hoof care.
Our staff will catch your horse and bring it to the barn for the farrier or vet at no extra charge. There are no charges either for administration of drugs/treatments recommended by either professional.
Paddock agistment is charged at $150/week, after payment of a two-week bond. No horse may be removed from Byalee while agistment or vet bills are outstanding and two weeks' notice of departure is required. Failure to give two weeks' notice of departure will result in the forfeiture of the bond.
Fees for farrier and worming will be billed by Byalee, while veterinary charges are billed direct to the client. Any unpaid farrier/worming/veterinary charges will be deducted from the bond on departure.
Byalee has a great team of agisters who accommodate their horses here to ensure worry-free horse ownership. Their horses are supervised by Level 3 coach and Grand Prix rider Ann-Maree Lourey, Intro coach and Grand Prix rider Dimity Lourey, as well as a number of on-site working pupils.

Horses are fed twice daily according to their requirements. This includes hay and grain (choice of Easi-ride pellets, chaff, pollard and oats). Supplements/alternative feed is fed as supplied by owners. Staff worm every horse on the property on the same day, every eight weeks.
Horses are paddocked separately. Paddocks have shelters and automatic waterers. They are electrified, rotated and cleaned regularly. We monitor the electric fences daily and prefer them as they do not inflict wire cuts!

* 20m x 60m roofed dressage arena
* 30m x 60m showjumping area with a wide selection of jumps.
* 18m fully enclosed round yard
* hot and cold water washbay

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