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About Byalee


Byalee began back in 1985 with the purchase of a 14.2hh palomino part-Arab named Byalee Mackennas Gold. He cost the princely sum of $400 as a green 4yo out of the local paper's Saturday classifieds. After four years of training, during which time Ann-Maree Lourey first came into contact with Olympic trainers Heath and Rozzie Ryan, "Macka" was competing at State level and competing locally at PSG/Inter I level. Sadly, he wasn't built to go right to Grand Prix, and so it came time to sell him for $10,000 as an FEI schoolmaster. He might not have been going to the Olympics, but he was as loved as only a first horse can be, and his name lives on in the stud forever.

Byalee was originally an Arabian breeding name used by Vicki Collien, and it meant "house amongst the clouds". Now it lives on in hundreds of performance horses across Australia - and if it wasn't for a never-say-no little palomino, giving Ann-Maree a brilliant start in the dressage world as blind led blind, she would never have continued into the sport as she has. So a special thank you is owed to Vicki for creating him in the first place, and to Joanne Kennedy who had to sell this special boy due to pregnancy! She wanted a bathtub, while Ann-Maree wanted a foot into the world of horses. Little did they know what they were setting in train! Byalee has grown from one horse to 40, and from 5 acres to 50 acres. Breeding is now an important part of Byalee's daily life.

So many people have helped Ann-Maree achieve her dream. At 20, she didn't know how to get on a horse. All she knew was that for as long as she could remember, horses were all she wanted. It wasn't until she was independent and working that she was able to take even the first step towards her dream, and take regular weekly group lessons, which led to regular weekly private lessons, which led to the purchase of a horse kept on agistment.

When one horse grew to three, it was time to buy a 5-acre property, and so began the first Byalee, on the corner of Windermere and Luskintyre roads, Lochinvar.

By 24, Ann-Maree was a nationally registered Level 1 riding instructor, an elementary dressage judge, and rode at small tour level on two horses bought for a total of $3300 and sold for a total of $30,000.

Ann-Maree is now an elite Level 3 dressage coach and Level 3 coach educator. She is a C-Level (advanced) judge and registered judge mentor. She has a VETAB in sports psychology, and a Diploma in Sports Psychology, and is studying life coaching and a degree in Psychology.

Ann-Maree has been living her dream ever since. 

Now, Byalee is about achieving your dream. Contact us today and make it happen!


Dimity Lourey is second-in-charge at Byalee Stables and takes care of the education of most of its junior students. After all, she was one too once! Dimity has been an important part of the Byalee team for most of her life: her first dressage test was at age four on the stalwart Tim Tam, she went through pony club with Byalee Dusty (now Byalee's 34yo school pony, Dusty) and Blue Denim Society. She was top 10 in open State pony dressage at age 7, champion State dressage pony at age 8, and was winning Prix St Georges dressage titles at 10.  She was national Arabian FEI champion on Atallah at age 11, and the winner of nine separate annual club titles at three different clubs on four different horses in 2004 (from preliminary to FEI) – at the age of 11! Dimity qualified her own 17.2hh warmblood Byalee Gold for the open Victorian, NSW and National Dressage Championships at elementary/medium level at age 12 and was three times a member of the NSW State Young Rider team at State and National Young Rider championships. Dimity won national Australian titles at PSG and Grand Prix level from age 12 - 16 on the talented gelding Hollybrook Boston. She represented Australia in New Zealand at the NZ National Young Rider Championships in 2008 and was a member of the National Talent Squad and Australian Insitute of Sport Dressage Development Squad. 

Dimity rode Byalee Breathless to National Reserve Champion Preliminary Horse at the 2012 Young Rider Championships.

She currently campaigns the Wie Weltmeyer stallion Byalee Wow Wie rw (pictured right). He is set to ride his first Grand Prix test in Septmeber 2017, being the first GP horse that she has trained from preliminary level to the top echelons of the sport.  

Dimity is available to help with the training of competitive young riders. She is also known for her work with children on the autistic spectrum and we have seen incredible progress made by students after then begin to interact with our school horses. Dimity is  a qualified NCAS Intro Coach, and also a qualified health, lifestyle and fitness professional with a Certificate IV in fitness training and a Diploma in Business Management.

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